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2019 Trends For Autumn Hair Colour in Peterborough

2019 Trends For Autumn Hair Colour in Peterborough

In this blog post we share some of the most popular autumn hair colour trends you can expect to see everywhere this autumn. Our job is to ensure that you feel fabulous and full of hair confidence. Therefore, we always keep up to date with all the latest trends and fashions, so our clients can too.

The trends for autumn hair colour this autumn are as follows;

Rich Brunettes

Brunettes are back and, in our opinion, better than all previous autumn months. The all-over beautiful brunette looks gorgeous, autumnal and gloriously glossy. If you’re feeling like you want to try something a little bit more with your autumn colour this year we can always add red toned highlights or a golden balayage to add colour and dimension to your hair colour.

Vibrant Reds

Like the bold reds of autumn leaves that are quickly appearing around us, as are the bold reds in hair colours too. However, if you feel you are not brave enough for a bright or bold red, you could always opt for red as an undertone which will give dimension and vibrancy to your base colour while looking fabulous.

Beautiful Balayage

Balayage was a really popular hair colour choice throughout the summer, and most of 2019 to be fair. Yet the style looks set to stay for the rest of the year too. While a blonde balayage is still the top hair colour trend, our clients are getting more adventurous as autumn comes. We have been using flecks of red, deep brunettes and some fashion pastel colours too.

If you are looking to change up your hair colour in Peterborough this autumn then give us a call. We can book you a hair appointment in Yaxley at a time that suits you. You can have a hair consultation with a professional hairdresser and they will help you choose the best colours for autumn.