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Dec 20, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hairdressers In Peterborough / Leave a comment

A Peterborough Hairdressers’ New Years Eve

Some of us have plans of what we do every New Years Eve. While others change their plans each year and don’t stick to tradition. We have a fantastic team of hairdressers here at Locks and Shades.

We thought we would share with you what our stylists are getting up to. Maybe it will inspire you to do something different to bring in 2019?

Don’t forget, our superb salon will be open on New Year’s Eve. All to make sure your hair looks awesome when the click strikes 12 and the new year begins. Just make sure you book your hair appointment in advance as we are booking up quickly.

Jemma: My husband Steven and I are throwing our annual New Year’s Eve party at our house with our close friends!

Keeley: New Years Eve we have family coming up from Kent. We will be spending time together eating drinking and playing games.

Charlie: I haven’t got any plans for New Years but I’d love to go away!! Anyone got any suggestions for Charlie about where she should go?

Danni D: Prosecco and takeaway!

Jade: On New Years I intend to drink every drink in sight, I also think about how gorgeous my babies are when they are asleep at their nannies and not answering me back! I intend to see it in with my boyfriend how cliché!

Dani W: New Year’s Eve we have friends and family come to the house for drinks and nibbles

Tia: I haven’t actually planned anything for New Years as of yet. I’d like to go somewhere like London and stay in a nice hotel, go for a nice dinner and some drinks. I would also love to watch the fireworks in London. I always see them on the TV and it always looks amazing! Have you been and seen them in London? Tia would love to hear what you think.

Molly: Not sure yet, but hopefully partying! Can you recommend where Tia should go for New Years Eve?

Abby: For New Years my plans are still unplanned. I’m hoping to have a chance to party and celebrate the year with friends or family.

Lauren: New years this year we will watch movies and play board games we got from Santa. Then we watch Big Ben chime and snuggle up together. If the boys are already asleep then take them up to bed around 12 so they don’t miss midnight cuddles.

Donna: My hubby and I are hosting a New Years Eve party. We would usually order lots of pizzas and have lots of drinks and play games. However, we always stop to watch the bells in London too.


Which of our Peterborough hairdressers would you most like to join on New Year Eve?