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Jul 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Are Cheaper Hair Care Products Better Hair Care Products?

There are loads of high quality hair care products for sale in hair salons, but they can often seem expensive. Especially when you see the exact same cheaper hair care product on Amazon for a much lower price!

But is it the exact same hair care product?

As hairdressers we have come across many clients that will see the cheaper hair care product online and presume it is the same one that we sell in our hair salon. These cheaper hair care products are often known as black stock. They may either be counterfeit hair products, or they have not been stored correctly. This means the product inside is affected and it will not work as well on your hair. Therefore a waste of money!

So what are the tell-tale signs to make sure you purchase the right hair care product at the right price?

Check The Small (and Large) Print

Look at the ingredients in the bottle, the instructions and even the logo to make sure the cheaper hair care product matches the hair care product you bought in a hair salon  perfectly. Look out for spelling mistakes in the words too as this will often be an obvious sign that the cheaper hair care product is a fake.

Check The Barcode

Fake and counterfeit hair care products will always have a sticker over the top of the original bar code. When you purchase your hair care products from a professional hair salon  you will notice that the original bar code is used. If you notice the batch code is missing too that is another sign that you’ve bought fake hair care products.

Check It’s Clean

If the bottle or cheap hair care product container is dirty, dented or sticky it is likely you have purchased a counterfeit hair care product. A professional hairdressers will take pride in the way they look, the service they offer and the products they sell.

Check The Price

Is the cheaper hair care product is so cheap that it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Step away from the bargain because it will be a fake hair care product and not help your hair as much as the real product will. This means you will end up wasting your money on what you thought was a bargain.

Check Where It’s From

Big professional hair care product companies work hard to build up a good reputation. They want their products to help their customers and therefore they will only sell their products to professional hairdressing salons. If the cheaper hair care product you are buying is not from a professional salon it probably is counterfeit.

Check It Works

If you’re using the cheaper hair care product on your hair as we have recommended and it’s not working in the same way we said it would, then chances are you have bought a counterfeit product.

The easiest way to avoid buying counterfeit products is to buy from a reputable stockist like the hair salon itself. Although products online might be cheaper at face value the damage they could be doing to your hair condition and colour would be a lot more expensive to repair.