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Back To School Checklist

Back To School Checklist

We speak to lots of mums here at Locks and Shades. We talk about their kids, the summer holidays and going back to school! The back to school checklist is huge. There is so much to do, and so much stuff that is needed.

We thought we should put together a back to school checklist. This includes all the things you need to prepare for your child to go back to school, or even for their first day at school (tissues are essential!)

School Uniform

Make sure your child has all the uniform they need, and some for spare as it will get lost. It is a really good idea to pop their name in all their clothing. However, as we said it will still get lost. Naming clothes is no guarantee it won’t get lost, it just makes it a little less likely. Think about warmer weather and colder weather uniform too. Don’t forget their PE kit as this will be different to their normal school uniform. It is a really good idea to double and triple check the regulations on shoes. Every school has different rules and you don’t want your child getting in trouble on their first day for having the wrong shoes!

School Stationery

You may receive a list from school of everything they need. It’s a good idea to take your child with you for the back to school stationery shop. Get them to choose things that they like and chances are they won’t get lost or given away by your child. Have some fun with some funky pencils, shaped rubbers or themed pencil sharpeners for example. Get your child excited about going back to school.

School Haircut

As the new term starts, the school photos quickly follow. We have all seen it. Mum gets the bowl out and cuts your hair round it. You then spend the next 25 years hiding your school photos and hoping they never see the light of day.

Don’t make your child go through that. Book a back to school haircut with us. We will make sure your child’s hair looks great and it is something they love. The school photos will then look great and you’ll be proud to give them to your childs’ aunts, uncles or grandparents, even their favourite children’s hairdresser in Peterborough!

We definitely get busier towards the end of the school holidays. Make sure you book a back to school hair appointment as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.