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Banish Those Split Ends Forever

Banish Those Split Ends Forever

Here at Locks and Shades we are often speaking to clients who worry about their split ends and ask how they can avoid them. While the biggest tip we can share is to lower the heat on the heating tools, this often isn’t the be all and end all to banish those split ends forever.

Unless you can have a hairdresser on hand, night and day, following you around, you will have split ends every now and again. Split ends are incredibly common and can be caused by various things. For example, general wear and tear and even age can result in split ends. That said, just because split ends are common, it doesn’t mean that you can’t banish those split ends forever.

Have a read of our top tips to see how you can help your hair banish those split ends forever;


You can prevent split ends by using a soft brush. A b rush with hard bristles can cause a lot of damage to your hair as it pulls and tugs. However, a softer brush will be gentler on your hair which will help reduce the risk of split ends.


As we touched on before, heat from heated hair tools will damage your hair. Try and turn down the heat to reduce the damage to your hair and the resulting split ends. While any heat will cause damage to your hair, reducing the heat will reduce the damage.

Night Hair

At bed time we would recommend that you put your hair in a lose hairstyle, like a bun or ponytail for example. This will help reduce the damage on your hair as you toss and turn in the night. Make sure you don’t put your hair in tight styles for bedtime though as this will cause damage as you sleep.

Food and Drink

A balanced diet will help with the condition of your hair and can prevent split ends. Make sure you drink lots of water and eat vitamin-rich foods. This will help improve the texture and elasticity of your hair.

Hair Treatments

Washing and drying your hair regularly can, and will, cause damage to your hair. This damage is caused through heat exposure. Try washing your hair no more than every other day and use conditioner whenever you wash. We would also recommend a weekly hair mask or treatment to improve the health of your hair. We have some in our hair salon in Yaxley if you want to grab some after your next appointment?

Disguise Split Ends

You can use sleek products and hair oils which will help minimise the look of split ends. It is important to remember that these are hiding the split ends. They are not repairing the split ends as the damage to the hair strand is done. It is a short term solution to leave hair looking less frizzy.

Eliminate Split Ends

The only way that you can eliminate split ends is with regular hair appointments. Booking yourself in for a regular hair cut in Peterborough will help maintain your healthy hair and reduce the risk of split ends. If you’re keen to grow your hair we can just trim your hair and cut off the split ends to keep it in a healthy condition.