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Jan 25, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Colour in Peterborough / Leave a comment

Best Hair Colour In Peterborough For Blue Eyes And Warm Tones Skin

There are so many different options for hair colouring. This means colouring your hair is a big and exciting decision. You may have seen a really nice hair colour on a friend. Perhaps a gorgeous shade on your favourite celebrity? But how do you know this colour can work for your hair?

In this blog post we show you just how many hair colour choices are possible when you have blue eyes and a warm skin tone. This will show as an example, that the hair colour options really are endless, no matter your eye colour or skin tone.

Warm Browns

If you have a warm skin tone then almost any shade of brown will suit you. However, if you are looking to really bring out the blue shade of your eyes, a darker brown is recommended. If you already have dark hair and aren’t feeling super brave then why not stick to warm browns that are two shades within your natural hair colour?

Just as a side note, warm browns work really well with light, medium and dark skin colours.

Golden Bronde

If you have light skin and blue eyes, a sunny golden bronde can work really well at complimenting your blue eyes. This is a really popular hair colour in Peterborough. This is because it brings out your fabulous blue eye colour, without being too ‘out there’. It means you can still play it safe, while looking great.

Golden Blonde

If you have a warm skin tone and blue eyes, but really want a shade of blonde, then we would highly recommend you go for a warm glow blonde. This will compliment your skin beautifully, as opposed to ashy colours and shades of blonde.


People with warm skin tones can pull off ginger hair colour really well. If you have a warm skin tone, ginger is about as warm as you can get. This shade will really highlights the golden colour of your skin while adding a subtle glow to your complexion.


Opting for a bold hair colour can be really good fun. A nice bold red can create a beautiful contrast with your cool blue eyes. The colour will compliment your skin tone beautifully too.


If you have a warm skin tone and blue eyes then burgundy can give you that extra pop of colour. However it can be done so you are still playing it safe with your hair colour. Having a red and purple undertone to your hair will bring out the warmth of your skin tone, while pairing well with your eyes.


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