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Bridesmaid Hairstyle Inspiration

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Inspiration

We work with loads of beautiful brides to be on their wedding hair in Peterborough. While we often have bridal hair trials with the bride, on the big day itself we may do the hair for the bridesmaids too.

Sometimes the bridesmaids come to the bridal hair trial to support the bride. Other times the bridesmaids come along to the wedding hair trial and we do some bridesmaid hair trials too. In some cases the first time we meet the bridesmaid is on the big day.

Ideally it would be great to see the bridesmaids before the day to see what their hairstyle is like and to get some bridesmaid hairstyle ideas from you so we are prepared for the big day. However, if you know what you want and you know it will work, we can do it on the day.

In this blog post we have put together some bridesmaid hairstyle inspiration and ideas for you. These are some ideas you may want to consider for the bridesmaids on your special day.

Formal Wedding Bridesmaid Hairstyle

If you are having a formal wedding then a sleek high bun with a crystal comb can look beautiful and really fit with the theme. If you have bridesmaids with shorter hair you can still go with the slicked back theme, but with a head band instead of a bun.

Semi Formal Wedding Bridesmaid Hairstyle

For a semi-formal wedding a romantic French twist works really well. We like loose curly strands hanging down over the face, to really frame the bridesmaid face. This style can look absolutely beautiful and works well with different dress styles too.

Casual Wedding Bridesmaid Hairstyle

A half up and half down hairstyle can work really well for a casual wedding. We would recommend that loose curls are pinned back and then you could weave in some flowers that match the bridal party bouquets.

It’s a really good idea to have a theme that runs through the bridesmaids hairstyles. For example everyone’s hair could be slicked back. Alternatively everyone could have half up and half down, or even everyone has curls. If you have bridesmaids with completely different hair types and lengths the theme could be as simple as a brand in every hairstyle, in some way.

You need to think about the bridesmaid dress styles too. Take a look at our prom dresses and prom hairstyles for an idea of what hairstyles match which dress types.

Contact us now if you would like to book a wedding hair consultation for you or your bridesmaids.