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Jan 1, 2020 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Brushing Wet Hair

When your hair is wet it is more fragile than when your hair is dry. Brushing wet hair can result in strands snapping if you are not careful. Here at Locks and Shades we would always recommend that you brush your hair when it is dry, whenever possible.

However there are times will you need to brush your wet hair and this is what we would like to talk about in this blog post. If you are short of time and need to consider brushing wet hair then this blog post is for you.

We would always recommend that you allow your hair to air-dry after a shower and just comb through hair strands if needed. But we know this is not always possible, so this is how you should go about brushing wet hair.

  • First use a towel. Try and dab your hair dry as much as possible. Using a good quality microfiber towel will help you get as much water as possible out. If possible leave your hair to air dry for at least the first 10 minutes before you start brushing your wet hair.
  • If you have thick or curly hair then you may want to grab the detangling spray or a conditioning hair product if you prefer. This will help smooth out your hair strands before using the brush on your hair.
  • Finally, make sure you use the right hair brush. There are hair brushes out there that have been specifically designed for wet hair. These wet hair brushes will often have thin and flexible bristles. This makes then gentler on hair and less harsh on pulling. There are some hair brushes on the market that allow air to travel through as you comb. These will help to dry your strands of hair as the movement goes on.

We would highly recommend you treat yourself to a wide-toothed comb and a good quality microfiber towel to help you if you are regularly brushing wet hair.