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Caring For Your Hair To Avoid Damaged Hair

Caring For Your Hair To Avoid Damaged Hair

Having damaged hair can be very annoying and frustrating, but with a little TLC and by caring for it the right way, you can make your damaged hair more manageable. In this blog post we have put together some top tips for caring for your hair and keeping it moisturised. This means is will not become dry, brittle and damaged. Instead you will have healthy and strong hair.

Brushing To Avoid Damaged Hair

Make sure you don’t brush your hair from the roots. Instead work in small sections, slowly working your way up to the roots to avoid snags, knots and tears. The brush you use needs to be soft with flexible bristles to avoid damaging your hair.

You may choose to use a detangler spray to make brushing easier. Dentangling products will make it easier for a brush or comb to glide through your hair. Take a look at our blog called ‘Which Brush For Your Hair‘ for more tips on this.

Hair Styles to Avoid Damaged Hair

There are some hair styles that will strain your hair and cause damaged hair. While it is okay to try them out now and again, you shouldn’t have these hair styles every day. For example, high ponytails or tight braids put strain on the hair. Over time these styles will weaken the hair shaft resulting in hair becoming dry and brittle. Try to wear your hair down or in looser styles more often than not. Things like low pony tails and loose braids work really well.

Regular Trims to Avoid Damaged Hair

We recommend that you get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Through regular trims with a professional hairdresser you will get rid of split ends. When damaged hair is not cut regularly the damage may creep further and further up your hair shaft as the ends split and this can cause even more damage to your hair.

Colour Carefully to Avoid Damaged Hair

Colouring you hair can cause damage to your hair, so be careful if you have damaged hair. Here at Locks and Shades we have some gorgeous products that will help protect your hair while adding extra moisture to your hair so it feels smooth and healthy.

We would recommend that when colouring your hair you try and stay within 3 shades of your natural hair colour if your looking to avoid damage. By going to light with your hair colour you can over-process your hair, which can lead it to become dry and brittle. We do however offer in colour treatments, such as Innoluxe, if you would like a dramatic change!

Hair Accessories to Avoid Damaged Hair

When creating hair styles and using hair accessories, make sure you choose the right hair accessories. Things like rubber bands will cause damage to your hair, as will hair accessories with sharp or metal edges. Good hair accessories to use when trying to avoid damaging your hair include fabric covered scrunchies, plastic hair clips and elastic hair ties for example. These will put the least stress on your hair.