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Oct 22, 2018 / by Donna Young

Charity Work

As the owner of Locks and Shades, Donna feels that she is in a good position to help the local community and charities through charity work. Donna knows that one person can’t change the world, but by promoting charities and helping others to support the local community and charities then together we can make the world a better place.

So this is what we aim to do through supporting charities. We are currently working with 2 charities. These are KidsOut and the Little Princess Trust.


Charity Work  - KidsOut-GivingTree


We will be home to a Giving Tree on behalf of KidsOut during each festive period. This tree will have tags on giving a sex and age of a disadvantaged child that is staying in refuge. This child will have escaped from domestic violence. They could have arrived at the refuge with his or her mum and only the clothes on their back.

Our clients are invited to take a tag from the tree, purchase a Christmas present for that child. They then place the gift under the tree with the tag attached. These gifts will then be collected by KidsOut and delivered to children in women’s refuges across the UK.

Take a tag, buy a gift and bring a smile to face of a disadvantaged child this Christmas.

Charity Work - Little Princessses Trust - Hair Donation

Little Princesses Trust

Little Princesses Trust is another brilliant charity that we are happy to support. We have lots of ladies that grow their hair then come to us to get it chopped off. They choose to have this hair sent off to children with cancer to make real hair wigs. These can then be worn by children that lose their hair through cancer treatments.

When someone comes to us for a haircut and they are sending their locks to Little Princesses Trust we will donate the cost of their haircut to the Little Princesses trust charity. We will do this through our Just Giving page so we, and our clients, can see how much we raise for this wonderful charity.


These are the two charities we currently support, but if you know of a charity that needs our help, or we can support, then please contact us directly.