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Common Signs Of Damaged Hair

Common Signs Of Damaged Hair

In a recent blog post we shared tips and advice for caring for hair to protect it from becoming damaged hair. In this blog post we would like to share some of the more common signs of damaged hair.

Check through the list. If you find yourself nodding in agreement then book in for an appointment with one of our wonderful hairdressers in Peterborough and they can do a hair consultation for you. They will recommend any hair care products and treatments that will help your hair. They can also book you in for a trim in Peterborough too, to get rid of those damaged ends.

Here is our list of the most common signs of damaged hair;

  1. Hair Has Rough Texture – Hold your head upside down and run your fingers through it. If the ends of your hair are sticking out and feel rough then it is likely that your hair is damaged.
  2. Hair Has Dulled Shine – Your hair shaft will stop shining when the hair cuticles are damaged. If you hair is seriously damaged you will notice there is no shine, even after a deep conditioning treatment. Damaged hair will often lack luster and shine.
  3. Hair Has Split Ends – Take some of your hair into your hand and twist it gently round your fingers. Now look at the ends of the hair that stick out. If the ends are split into two, these are known as split ends as your hair is definitely damaged. You need to book in for a trim in Peterborough. If you do not, the splits will grow up your hair and cause more damage.
  4. Hair Lacks Moisture – It is important to note that dry hair is not always damaged hair. However a common sign of damaged hair is dry hair. If your hair does not feel conditioned and smooth, no matter what you try, then it is likely that your hair is damaged. Damaged cuticles are often unable to seal moisture into your hair.
  5. Hair Shows Extreme Breakage – If you notice your hair snapping or breaking when running your fingers through it, or even using a comb, then it is damaged hair. When the outer layer of your hair is damaged, the tensile strength of your hair shaft is reduced. You will notice that the elasticity of a damaged hair strange is a lot less that a healthy strand of hair.
  6. Hair Is Tangled – When you have healthy hair the shafts are smooth. However, if your hair shaft has rough cuticles then damaged hair is likely to get tangled and result in knots. The dryness of your hair will then make it difficult to get these tangles out and this will often lead to hair breakage.