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Danni’s Day Of Celebrity Hair

Danni recently attended an event for a celebrity dating app called ‘The List’. She was asked to attend by our lovely friends, and neighbours, Kiss and Make Up who were doing the make-up for the event. Danni was over the moon that she could attend so we grabbed a coffee with her and had a chat about her exciting day on celebrity hair!

So Danni, what were you doing all day?

My job on the day was to be the celebrity hairdresser, alongside the girls from Kiss and Make Up. I was styling all the celebrities hair and I did the hair for the promo girls too. I was also involved in getting the hair done for the special guests at the evening event.

What sort of celebrity hair styles were you creating?

I did a lot of ‘beachy waves’ styles and slick ponytails. I did the hair for a lot of celebrities including Chloe Crowhurst from Love Island 2017. I also did the hair for Chloe Doherty who was in Celebrity Big Brother and Just Tattoo of Us. Bobby Norris popped over to borrow some hair gel and hairspray so we could style his hair too.

What was your favourite bit of the day?

By far the most amazing bit was when the celebrities were asking for my instagram name as I was styling their hair. They were posting pictures of their hair, me working on their hair and tagging me in it and saying how great my work was. It was just insane!

However, this was also the day that Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp went down. It meant nobody could see what I was up to, I couldn’t send any photos, or see what the celebrities had said about me. It was so frustrating. Then when they all started working again I could see and share everything. It was brilliant.

Who was your favourite celeb?

My favourite celeb has to be Chloe Doherty. She was the first celebrity I did on the day and she was so kind to me from the very start. She just made me feel so comfortable. I spent quite a bit of time with her on the day. She put me on her Instagram and even messaged me after the event too. Chloe was just so lovely.

Danni’s Day Of Celebrity Hair

Finally Danni, did you get any gossip for us?

Because I spent so much time with Chloe from Love Island I did get some gossip. I asked her about the villa and what it is like. She was telling me all about it but there was one thing I was dying to know. I wanted to know if they cooked their own meals. It turns out that they have private caterers in the villa who are there from the morning until the evening. However, this isn’t shown on the TV program because it’s ‘boring’.

If you’d like to book a hair appointment with Danni and hear more about her awesome day as a celebrity hairdresser then give us a call or book online. Maybe you can try out the popular Beachy Waves celeb hair style?