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Dec 21, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Detangling and Knot Removing

Knotty, tangled hair can be a nightmare. In this blog post we would like to focus solely on detangling and knot removing. When you detangle your hair, you can cause damage to your hair if you don’t do it right. This is why we have decided to share some top tips for detangling and knot removing.

If you have really tangled hair the first thing you should do is work a detangling product through your hair. This is essential if you have hair that is easily tangled. You can either use the product directly on your hair or put a small amount on your hands and gently finger-comb it through your hair.

If you have fine-textured hair then we would recommend a detangler spray. We have some great hair products and detangling brushes in our hair salon in Yaxley if you need some. Use around 3 or 4 spritzes of hairspray each time you need to detangle your spray.

Leave in conditioners and cream conditioners can work really well if you have coarse, medium-thick or curly hair. Use a pound coin sized amount, dependant on your hair thickness, length and type, then stroke through, from root to tips.

Treat yourself to a wide toothed comb if you don’t have one already. Use this in downward motions from the bottom of your hair and up as you work through the tangles. Dragging tangles from  the op to the tip can result in damage to your hair follicles, so aim for small patches and work your way up, in a downwards motion.

Be gentle on your knots and tangles. Don’t try and pull or force the tangle as this will put stress on your hair and cause damage. Instead use your comb and then brush in light gentle strokes. Isolate the tangle and hold it in your hand and gently run the brush through your hair until it loosens. If the tangle looks firm and won’t budge then try spraying on some more detangler or leave-in conditioner.

If you are unsure why your hair becomes tangled or you would like a hairstyle and cut that minimises the risk of knots and tangles, call us now. We can book you in for a hair appointment and get the right hairstyle for you.

Do you have any top detangling and knot removing tips to share with us?