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Don’t Like Your Salon Hair Colour?

Don’t Like Your Salon Hair Colour?

You are always running a risk when you decide to colour your hair. Everyones hair is different and this means the desired outcomes and the actual outcomes can be different. This is just one of the reasons we always recommend a salon hair colour, instead of grabbing a box of hair dye in your local supermarket.

Here at Locks and Shades we will also do a hair colour test. This will check that the colour is safe for you, but also safe for your hair. We will take the time to talk to you about your desired hair colour. At this point we may suggest doing one shade in this appointment, then going to your chosen shade in the next appointment. Changing your hair colour drastically can damage your hair and we will do everything we can to avoid that.

The experienced hair colourists in Peterborough are great at what they do. They can usually tell how a hair colour will turn out.  However, when trying out something new you may decide the new colour really isn’t for you. You may not like your salon hair colour. While this is very rare, we have put together some things that you can do. After all, we want you to be happy and confident to show your new hair colour off.

  1. Wait

The best thing you can do is wait! The lighting in the salon is always bright and fresh hair colour looks bright too. The black colour of our cloaks can really make a colour pop, which can be off putting if you are trying out a brave new colour. Don’t worry. Give your hair a few days and it’s likely you’ll start to get used to it.

  • Wash It

When you wash your hair the colour will fade a little with each wash. We would never recommend that you wash your hair within 48 hours. However, when you do wash your hair you will notice the hair colour changes after each wash.

  • Switch Your Parting

If you feel your highlights are a little too bold, move your hair parting. By moving the parting to the other side, or just a few centimetres along, you will notice a difference. It will result in less heavy highlights and more of your natural hair colour will shine through.

  • Come Back

If you’ve tried all the above options and still fell unhappy with your salon hair colour then come in and see us. We want you to feel happy and confident in your new hair. We will have a chat with you about what you don’t like and how we can resolve it. Never be afraid to tell us you’re not happy. If we know there is a problem we can fix it.