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Extend The Life Of Your Hair Toner

Extend The Life Of Your Hair Toner

When a toner is used during your hair colouring appointment in Peterborough, it is only normal that you will want to extend the life of your hair toner. You want to find ways to make the toner last longer. This way, your new hair colour will look fresher and more vibrant for longer.

We would recommend that you use high quality products before your hair colour appointment in Yaxley. We can recommend various products that will help even out the porosity of your hair. These products will then help the toner wash out easily and eliminate the risk of any patches.

After your hair colour appointment you can extend the life of your hair toner by not washing your hair for at least 48 hours after your appointment. If you wash your hair before this time you may find the toner won’t last as long. This is because it takes time for the colour molecules to embed on your hair.

When you do wash your hair, do with luke-warm water and a good quality shampoo that will protect your hair colour. Again, speak to your hair colourist in Yaxley. They can recommend the right shampoo for your hair. We have a selection in our salon available for sale. These less abrasive hair colour protector shampoos will be kinder on your colour and hair.

While you wouldn’t go in the sun without putting sun lotion on, you need to protect your hair from heat too. Heat is five times more damaging on your hair than bleach. If you are using heated tools on your hair make sure they are at a low heat and you use heat protectors. Heat protecting products are a must when it comes to helping extend the life of your hair toner.

If you are unsure of a toner on your hair or how to make sure you get the best results from hair toners, speak to our team. We have hand-picked an amazing bunch of friendly hair colourists in Peterborough. This means you can ask them any questions you want about your hair. Not only will they tell you the professional answer, but they will give you their thoughts and opinions too – based on your hair requirements and personality.