Locks & Shades

Aug 23, 2017 / by AnneMarie Gilbert


When done properly hair extensions can completely transform your hair, look and style. We will complete a free hair extension consultation to talk through your desired look, length and then perfectly colour match your hair extensions from a hair from the variety of brands we work with. We will also cut and blend your new extensions when fitted at no additional charge.

After your appointment with us we will recommend products and tips to help ensure that your extensions always look and feel fantastic.

We can fit your hair extensions using a variety of methods including nano rings, tapes, LA weave, braided weaves and micro locks. If you are looking for a more temporary solution we can also provide clip in hair extensions.

So if you are looking for natural looking luscious locks then book in for a free consultation to talk through your new look!

Please note that the price of our hair extensions varies dependant on the brand of hair you chose, the method or application, the colour, the thickness and the length, therefore we can only give you an accurate quote after a thorough no obligation consultation

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