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Jun 3, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Awards / Leave a comment

Fantastic Salon Marketing Award Finalists

Fantastic Salon Marketing Award Finalists

The Locks and Shades team are really pleased to announce that we are finalists for The Fantastic Salon Marketing Award.

The Fantastic Salon Marketing Award has been designed to recognise excellence in marketing and communication. This includes all marketing, especially online marketing including social media, website and blog posts (like this one).

There were three parts of The Fantastic Salon Marketing Award that we had to prove to the judges to become finalists. These were Brand, Marketing Strategy and Client Retention.

For the brand section we had to talk about the brand and how it has evolved with the business. We had to talk about our USPs and the core brand values of Locks and Shades.

We had to prove to the judges that we had a strong and working marketing strategy. This included talking about our marketing objectives and our target customers (or dream client as we prefer to call them, something you all are!). We had to talk about our pricing and positioning strategy, as well as our promotional and communications strategy.

The final section was the Client Retention Strategy. This is something we really need to thank our team for. Our team of fantastic hairdressers in Peterborough help retain our clients. Due to the fact our hairdressers are so professional, talented and friendly, we have clients returning time and time again.

It is important to add that we could not have made it to finalist level without our awesome clients. By being our fans on social media you have helped our marketing work. This is what has helped us become Fantastic Salon Marketing Award finalists. Thank you to everyone that supports us online and in the salon. We think you’re awesome!

We will keep you posted about how we get on at the finals. You’ll be the first to know online!