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Fast Fixes For Embarrassing Bed Head

Fast Fixes For Embarrassing Bed Head

If you prefer to shower before bed instead of the morning you may wake up with embarrassing bed head. Maybe you have slept through your alarm after a restless night’s sleep and need to get up and out the house quickly. You catch sight of yourself in the mirror – embarrassing bed head!

But don’t panic. We have put together some fast fixes for embarrassing bed head. If you’re short on time but your hair is looking worse for wear, we have the answers. You don’t need to go to work with embarrassing bed head. Instead these fast fixes will have your hair looking fabulous again.

Wet Comb

There is no need to have a shower and start again, especially when time is not on your side. Instead grab a comb and run it under cold water. Fund the worse spots and gently comb from roots to tips. If there are some major tangles, start just above the tangles to tip and then work your way up.


If embarrassing bed head for you means unruly hair then products are what you need. Grab some gel or mousse and gently rub it into your hair with your hands. As you are adding the product try and coax the unruly hairs into place. The place you choose, not your hair!


While we only recommend heated products as a few and far between option, heat can save some embarrassing bed head days. Use a comb or brush and style your hair with a low heat setting on straightening irons or a hair dryer.


Use some hairspray sparingly to hold you quickly prepared style in place. You don’t want to replace one embarrassing hair style with another dodgy hairstyle so make sure you use the spray a few feet away from you head. We would then recommend you walk into the spray, instead of spraying it directly on your head. Otherwise you create the unattractive plastic look.

New Style?

If embarrassing bed head looks are a regular occurrence for you then it may be time to try out a new hairstyle or haircut? Why not book yourself in for a hair consultation and we can see how we can help you?