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Jun 23, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Awards / Leave a comment

Finalists For Fantastic Salon of the Year

Finalists For Fantastic Salon of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as finalists for Fantastic Salon of the Year. This is a huge deal for us and something that we are really excited about. Last year we were lucky enough to have winners in the Rising Star and Newcomer category. However for the salon to be recognised? This is HUGE for us!

The Fantastic Hairdresser awards that there are 5 main pillars to be a Fantastic Salon. These are as follows;

  • Revolutionary Strategy – this was a chance to share our company focus. We had to share why we want to achieve this focus and how we will do it. It is important that we show how we are innovative and creative within our strategy too.
  • Profit – for this pillar of the Fantastic Salon Award we had to give examples of how we ‘focus’ on profit. We had to talk about the profit targets we set ourselves and how we achieve them.
  • Committed Team – this was the easiest part of the Fantastic Salon Award for us to answer. For this pillar we had to share our communication structure. We also had to talk about the training programs we offer and give examples of how we motivate our team. Here at Locks and Shades we have an amazing team so this was really easy to answer.
  • Delighted Customers – again this was a brilliant pillar for us. We were asked for examples of how happy we make clients. This was really easy as our clients are lovely and always leave us fantastic reviews. The only tricky bit of this award was that we had to choose only 3 verifiable testimonials. This was hard because we had so many to choose from!
  • Unique Marketing – for this pillar of the Fantastic Salon award we had to give evidence of our marketing strategy over the last year. This included showing judges how our marketing is unique, innovative and creative.

Now we just need to wait until the awards. However if you check out our social media or pop into our salon you will see how excited we are!