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Getting To Know Danni D – Hairstylist in Peterborough

This month we thought we would grab a cuppa with Danni D to find out more about our stylist  She’s been with us 5 months and our clients love her. But who is the lady behind the scissors?


Hi Danni, What was is that made you come to Locks and Shades?

I chose Locks and Shades because I felt like it was a better move for my hairdressing career. As a hairstylist in Peterborough this hair salon had a lot more to offer for me to grow and learn. It is also great to have a busier column and to build a solid client base.


How long have you been cutting hair?

I have been cutting hair for 3 years and while the time has flown by, it feels like I have been doing it for lots longer.


What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love most about my job would have to be making people feel absolutely amazing every single day. Not many people have a job that they can say they make everyone feel beautiful every day.


And what’s your current favourite hair trend?

My favourite current hair trend I think has to be balayage, I mean it’s just everyone’s go to at the moment, it’s so low maintenance for clients and you can make it look beautiful on any hair.


A little birdie (a very proud Donna) told us that you have won an award recently?

Yes I did, I won ‘Fantastic Rising Star’ at the Fantastic Hairdresser Awards in London, Kensington. I was absolutely shocked, I’ve never won anything and it felt so amazing to be noticed at this time in my career and especially only being with Locks and Shades 5 months. It’s really improved my confidence in the salon and it’s made me feel excited for more things to come.


As a hairstylist in Peterborough you must deal with a lot of hair, but what is the worst thing about your own hair?

The worst thing about my hair.. Hmm, it has to be that it is quite fine, I can’t really do much with it.


And what about when you were at school? Any cringe worthy hair moments you’d like to share?

My worst hair regret has to be dying it that box dye black that everyone used to have in secondary school. Looking back now it does make me cringe, but I thought I looked great at the time.


What is your top hair care tip for Locks and Shades clients out there?

My top hair care tip has to be, styling products… use them!! So many clients do not have the education of what styling products they need to be using to make their hair look amazing like when we do it at the salon, invest in some nice oils, hair masks.. And your hair will feel so much better


And what is your favourite hair care product?

My favourite hair care product has to be oils. It gives you the moisture and shine that’s needed for your hair. I think everyone needs oil in their life!


Okay, say you were off to a dessert island and you were only allowed to take one thing… would it be the oils?

I think I’d have to say my hair straighteners which as a Hairdresser sounds really bad. However, I can’t live without my hair straighteners! Hair straighteners can be bad for your hair so I do make sure I always use protective hair products!