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Nov 24, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Colour in Peterborough / Leave a comment

Had A Hair Colour Disaster?

Had A Hair Colour Disaster?

Ever had a hair colour disaster?

We know what it’s like with Christmas around the corner. You want to treat your friends and loved ones. However this can mean that there are less treats for us. Sometimes this can mean trying to save money where we can. For some people this means grabbing the box dye from the supermarket instead of booking for a hair colour in Yaxley.

However, colouring your hair in Peterborough at home can sometimes result in a hair colour disaster. Your hair might not be the same as the model on the box, so the final colour result is far from what you imagined. Sometimes the colour is just not right for your hair. Other times the colour is too many shades darker or lighter for your hair and can result in what can only be classed as a hair colour disaster.

While the initial panicked thought is to grab a hat, head down the supermarket and stick on another colour to try and make it better – this is NOT the best option. You may not think that it could possibly get worse. However, repairing a hair colour disaster with more hair dye can lead to an even worse hair colour disaster. Not to mention severely damaged hair.

So, instead of shooting off down to the supermarket – just give us a call. Our talented hair colourists in Yaxley have seen it all before. In some cases, they have been the victim of their own hair colour disasters, in their earlier days of course.

Whether you hair has turned out streaky, the wrong shade or the completely wrong colour – do not despair. Drop us a line to book an appointment. We can take a look at the colour and condition of your hair. We will talk to you about the shade you want and what you think went wrong. Then we can get to work on getting your hair back to a colour you love again.

Here at Locks and Shades we pride ourselves on having some of the best technical colourists in Peterborough. Call us now to book your hair appointment. We can get your hair back to a healthy condition and a beautiful colour you want to show off.