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Apr 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Hair Care Myths – The Facts Of Hair Care

As an experienced hair dresser in Peterborough I have heard so many hair care tips and tricks over my career, some useful and some absolutely absurd. In my next blog I lay to rest some crazy ones, but there is often some truth behind some of them, no matter how absurd they may seem.

Here are some of my favourite hair care facts:-

Can my hair stop growing?   Fact

Your hair growth cycle can last anything between 5-7 years, this means your hair will only grow as much as it can in that time scale. Some people’s hair cycles will run faster than others and some slower, therefore it is possible that your hair won’t grow past a certain point.

Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes your hair shiny and healthy?  Fact

This is a saying dating back from the Victorian times and although it has some truth, as it moves all the hair’s essential oils from the root to the tips, I wouldn’t recommend it as brushing can pull your hair causing it to snap and break.

Tomato sauce combats green hair:  Fact

If you are ever caught short abroad with green hair, turn to the ketchup. It will smell awful and won’t be pleasant, but it will definitely get rid of the green tinge.

Regular haircuts help your hair grow: Fact

Haircuts will remove all the split parts of your hair, and stop it from breaking and splitting further

Wearing your hair up too tight causes baldness: Fact

Tension alopecia is caused when your hair comes under continuous strain on a regular basis. It would only happen over a long period of time and is quite rare, if you like to wear you hair tight or wear clip in extensions daily, always give your hair a rest and let it down at night.

Lemon lightens your hair: Fact

Lemon works the same as peroxide, as in it opens the hair cuticle and allows the sun to lighten up your hair. The sun can be very damaging for your hair therefore I wouldn’t recommend this

Egg treatments make your hair stronger: Fact

Bathing your hair with eggs provides your hair with much needed proteins, however, there are better protein hair products on the market that aren’t as messy or smelly

The more you wash your hair the more it needs washing: Fact

If you wash your hair too frequently your scalp begins to panic and produces more excesses oils. We then become stuck in a vicious cycle of washing to cleanse your greasy hair. Pulling your wash days out takes training, this is because it takes time for your scalp to rebalance itself, but it’s worth it in the end.


Have you ever heard a hair care myth and you’re not true if it is fact or fiction? We would love to hear it – and we can tell you if it is true or false too!