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Hair Care Myths – The Fictions Of Hair Care

As we said before, as professional hairdressers in Peterborough we hear a lot of crazy hair care tips and we recently shared some crazy hair care facts that were actually true, now for the absolutely absurd hair care myths that are pure fiction! Here are some of my favourite hair care fictions:-

Extensions ruin your hair: Fiction

It is important to do your research and have your extensions fitted by a professional, who will give you good aftercare advice. Extensions shouldn’t ruin your hair if they are installed and looked after correctly.

Peroxide damages your hair: Fiction

In the 80s peroxide got a bad name, the term ‘peroxide blonde’ was used regularly and became a swear word in the hairdressing world. Fact is that peroxide is in every single permanent or tone and shine colourant. Reason being peroxide is the part of the colour that opens the cuticle allowing the colourant to get in and work its magic. It is only damaging if a too high peroxide is mixed with a bleach product, and in that case it is the hairdresser that has caused the damage not the product itself.

Henna is better for your hair as it’s natural: Fiction

Henna on its own, can be a lovely product, it is natural and I have seen some lovely results from it, however, I have also seen some complete horror stories. Henna cannot be removed from your hair, it rarely responds to regular hair dyes and the only option to get rid of it is by growing it out, or stripping it with a bleach, which is unpredictable and not recommended. Although, it might be better for your hair initially, the process to change your hair colour afterwards would cause your hair a lot of damage.

Don’t pull out your grey or 8 will grow in its place: Fiction

Unfortunately if you are going grey there isn’t anything that will prevent it. If you do decide to pull out the odd grey here and there, it won’t make more grey hairs, however it will eventually make you bald!

Dry shampoo makes your hair fall out: Fiction

If you never ever washed your hair and layered up your scalp day after day with dry shampoo, then the hair follicles would become blocked and hair wouldn’t grow from them. However, it is absolutely fine in moderation and would take months of abusing the product continuously to make your hair fall out. If you have used dry shampoo, give your hair a really good scrub once a week to remove the product build up. Use the same principle for hair spray.

Chlorine makes your hair green: Fiction

Chlorine itself doesn’t make your hair green; it is rare that your hair will ever become discoloured in a UK swimming pool. It is the green fugee that grows on copper piping from pools that makes the green tone, however copper is really only used in pools abroad now.


What crazy hair care myths have you heard that you wonder if they are true or not?

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