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Jun 15, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Hair Care Tips For Long Hair – Caring For Long Hair

If you have naturally long and beautiful hair then we take our hats off to you; you are one lucky person! We have so many clients that book in for hair extensions because they can’t achieve long hair naturally, but it is something that they have always dreamed of. In this blog post we have put together some top hair care tips for long hair to keep your long hair beautiful and healthy.

Hair Brush

Make sure that you use the right hair brush. We would recommend a boar bristle brush or a wet brush as this helps smooth your hair at the shaft and will minimise hair breakage. A natural fiber brush like a brush with boar hair bristles will also minimise friction. This means your hair won’t get caught on knots leaving it smooth and silky.


Aim to use a deeply hydrating treatment at least twice a week if you style your hair with heat as the treatment will replenish your hair from any lost moisture. Using oil that is high in Vitamin E, such as an olive oil or avocado oil treatment is recommended, but all our stylists have different hydrating treatments that they prefer. Just ask during your next appointment; they’ll be happy to share their own hair care tips for long hair too.

Heat Protectant

We all know we should use a heat protectant on our hair, but many of us will forget. However it is so important because it wraps the hair in a protective barrier which will help prevent damage and ensure you get the sleek and frizz-free style that you hope to achieve. Again, ask your hairdresser  for her top heat protecting product recommendations. Heat protectants are an essential hair care tip for long hair.

Hair Bands

When tying your hair back opt for the 80’s scrunchy that has made a recent reappearance, as we blogged about recently, or the plastic coil type hair bands. These mean your hair isn’t pulled at the root during wearing or when removing them at the end of the day. These type of hair bands will keep your hair strands strong and resilient.

Hair Washing

While it may be tempting, we would highly recommend against over-washing your hair. Your hair has natural oils that are designed to condition and protect your hair, but by washing your hair daily you are stripping these essential oils away. We’ve blogged recently about how often to wash your hair, but we would recommend 2 to 3 times a week on average.


Having long, beautiful and healthy hair takes time, dedication, care and patience but it is all so worth it!

Do you have any hair care tips for long hair that you think we’ve missed but you’d love to share them with our readers?