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Dec 27, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Hair Trends For 2020 – Fancy A New Year, New Do?

As we come to the end of each year we start to see the expected hair trends for the next year. There are new hair trends every year and in this blog post we share the expected hair trends for 2020. What happens on the catwalk doesn’t stay on the catwalk when it comes to hair trends, so let’s look at the catwalk to see what hair trends we can expect for the year ahead.

Red Hair

If you are a red head then 2020 is your time to shine. If you’re not a red head then you may want to consider booking in for a hair colour in Yaxley. Red brings depth to brunette hair, creates luxurious looking hair and gives off a feeling of warmth and content as we go through 2020. Those auburn locks are expected to be out, proud and flowing in 2020.


Whether you prefer a high ponytail or low ponytail, you will be on trend for 2020. The hair trends for 2020 include ponytails or all sorts, low high and anything in between. If you want to keep your ponytail sleek consider using some high quality hair serum. Hair bands and hair scarves will also be popular hair accessories during 2020.

Gel Slicked Back Hair

This 2020 hair trend has returned from the 90’s. The slicked back, thick wet gel look is back and it looks more badass then it ever has before. Stock up on your hair gel for this great wet look and you’ll be on trend in the New Year.

Defined Curls

If you are the owner of naturally curly hair, then 2020 is your year. Defined curls are going to be huge this year. The bigger the curls are, the more popular the trend. A diffuser may be a January Sales treat for yourself if you want to achieve perfectly poised curls.

Middle Parted Short Bobs

Bobs rarely ever go out of style so we are not surprised to see them in the list of hair trends for 2020. If you are looking to achieve the boss-lady chic then poker straight hair with straightening cream will work for you. Want to make this a cooler look? Then grab the salt spray for a messy beachy coolness to this look.

Which of these hair trends for 2020 will you be embracing?