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Feb 5, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Hair Trends For University Students

We recently came across some really exciting research based on female university students and their hair trends. We would love to hear your thoughts on this research, whether you agree and where you fall in regards to the research! Are you and your uni friends hair trends similar?

Popular Hair Colours

University Students were asked what colour hair they have. The research results were as follows;

  • 55% brown
  • 15% red
  • 15% blonde
  • 9% black
  • And 6% other

The Most On-Trend Daily Hairstyle

The university students were then asked how they like to have their hair on a normal day at university. This is what they said;

  • 40% of university students opted for the ponytail
  • 26% opted for a natural and wavy hairstyle for an every-day look
  • 26% said they prefer a straightened and down hairstyle for the day
  • 6% answered ‘other’

Hair Appointments

Then, the university students answered questions on how often they go to the hairdressers for a hair appointment. These were the results;

  • 26% of university students said they went to the hairdressers just once a year
  • 40% of those students asked go to the hairdressers for a haircut twice a year
  • 26% of those university students go to the hairdressers for a haircut every 3 months
  • And just 6% of these university students are in our good books as they go to the hairdressers for a haircut around 6 times a year.

We would recommend you get a haircut every 6-10 weeks, dependant on your hair type, condition, style and colour.

Hair Lengths

The research went on to ask the university students about their hair length. They could only give the answer short, medium or long. This is what the research found;

  • 11% said they had short hair
  • 21% of students said that they had medium length / shoulder length hair
  • 68% of university students said that they had long hair


How do you fair in this hair trends research? Do you think it fits you and your university friends?