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Oct 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Hairstyle Tips: How Are You Parting Your Hair?

In this blog post we share some parting hairstyle tips with you. Whether you like a middle part, side part or extreme part we have some great hairstyle tips. We share what the partings are best for and how to achieve them to perfection.

Just like the right hair cut and hair colour suits your face and colouring to perfection, the same can be said for hair partings. The way you part your hair can do wonders for the face of your shape and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Middle Part Hairstyle Tips

The middle part has grown in popularity. It’s the easiest and quickest way to part your hair. The middle part is perfect for those with round faces as the even flow of hair elongates the face shape. You can also have it loose and flirty by adding curls, or slick it down for a high fashion look.

To get the perfect middle part position your comb in the centre of you brows and then run the comb backwards. This will separate the hair as it travels down your head. If you have baby hairs then make sure you also spate these at the front on your face. This will help define your middle part.

Side Part Hairstyle Tips

This is a go-to hairstyle for many women. It gives off that laid-back, girl next door look. The side part is a great hairstyle for those with square or diamond face shapes, as it shows off the angles. However, ladies with thinner hair tend to opt for this hairstyle too. This is because it creates a ‘thicker hair’ look.

To create this hairstyle you need to position your comb over the centre of the eyebrow on which side you want the part. Then run it back to create the side part and separate the hair. This is more of a casual look and doesn’t matter if it looks a tad messy. If you’re going for the ultra laid-back look then consider separating you hair by running your fingers through your hair.

The side part can still work if you have bangs. You just need to blow-dry them with a round brush for added volume and then toss them to a side. If you are having an oily hair day then a sleek side part is an excellent cheat hairstyle.

The Extreme Side Part Hairstyle Tips

This is a great look for the full-on red carpet look. Have a look through the celebrities at events and you’ll see this is a sexy look that can be rocked with ease. Your cheek bones will take centre stage with the extreme side part as your hair is off to one side. Curls or loose waves added to this look create an ultra glam look. Especially when they are matched with statement earrings!

To create this look, grab your comb and position at the end of the eyebrow. Then run it backwards to separate the hair. As this may be a new style to your hair you might notice hair falls back on your face or baby hairs pop out. To remove this risk, use a touch of hair oil to fix the part into place. It’s a great look for round faces and heart shape faces.


Which hair part is your preferred?