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May 20, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Holiday Hair Tips and Tricks

Holiday Hair Tips and Tricks

The summer is coming and this means summer holidays are coming too. However, the sun, sea and swimming pools can wreak havoc with your hair. In this blog post we have put together some holiday hair tips and tricks to help your hair stay gorgeous while you enjoy your summer holidays.

Trim Before You Swim

Before you swan off on your holidays for swims in the sea and the fabulous outdoor pool, make sure you have booked in for a trim. The effects of the sun and the sea can make split ends travel up your hair faster and further. Make sure you get these broken ends chopped off before you go. By getting the damaged ends taken off you’ll be sealing your hair against damage. You’ll also find your hair is easier to manage while you’re on holiday too.

Colour 2 Weeks Prior

If you have coloured hair make sure you book in for your hair colour appointment at least two weeks before you go on holiday. Hair colourants can damage the surface of your hair, so give your hair a break before you go away and give the colour chance to really soak in and shine.  Research shows that this will enable your hair colour to last 30% longer. This is especially the case if you use hair colour locking products.

Strengthen It For Summer

The swimming pool water is full of minerals which can dry out and discolour your hair. Make sure your hair is packed with moisture so it will absorb fewer of these minerals. Having a quick shower is a quick trick to fill your hair with moisture before you go for a dip. Alternatively, we would recommend a weekly hair treatment mask to fill your hair with moisture.

The Faithful Top Knot

The old faithful top knot is an excellent hairstyle for the pool. This style will help keep your hair out of the water if you’re enjoying a gentle breaststroke. It also won’t collapse if your hair gets wet while splashing about in the pool. It’s also an elegant and relaxed look for holiday snaps as the style elongates your neck!

Bring Your Own Stuff

It’s lovely to use hotel toiletries as they always smell gorgeous, however you can’t rely on them for decent hair products. We would always recommend that you use your own shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair type. Then take the hotel toiletries home as souvenirs or to offer guests when they stay at your home.


The Locks and Shades team wish you a wonderful holiday. We can’t wait to hear all about it at your next hair appointment.