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How To Achieve Long Lasting Hair Colour

How To Achieve Long Lasting Hair Colour

When you have your hair coloured at our hair salon in Yaxley you’ll enjoy a luxurious and relaxing experience. We all know that nothing beats that feeling of freshly coloured hair. Using a professional hair colour stylist will help achieve long lasting hair colour. However, coloured hair does need extra care.

We have put together some advice to help you achieve long lasting hair colour;

If your hair is in good condition before and after your hair colour treatment then it will be less prone to fading. This is because the cuticle protects the cortex, which is where the magic of your hair colour happens. If the cuticles aren’t sealed after the colour then the colour molecules added to your hair will fall out of the cuticle. This results in the hair colour fading.

(Sorry – we got a bit sciency on you there! Don’t worry though. Here is how you can avoid the fading!)

To make sure the cuticles close after your hair colour appointment you need to use a good quality shampoo that is not high in alkaline, clarifying or detoxing as these deep clean the hair. This can result in fading! You also need to make sure that you also condition your hair after shampooing as this smooths down the hair cuticles. Treatments and hair masks on a weekly basis are recommended too. They will help prolong the life of your colour. This will result in long lasting hair colour.

You may want to consider hair colour glaze appointment between your hair colour appointments. This is recommended if your hair is prone to fading. A glaze will help prolong the life of your colour. It will also add great shine to your hair and has awesome conditioning benefits too.

While you may love your heat styling tools, your hair does not. If your heated tools are over 180 degrees they are damaging your hair. This means that the condition and shine of your hair is reduced which results in hair colour that fades quickly.

If you are keen to achieve long lasting hair colour then have a chat to us during your next hair colour appointment. We will be happy to share some top tips with you. We can also recommend some products that you can use to keep your hair colour fresh and vibrant.