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How To Care For Bleached Hair

How To Care For Bleached Hair

We have written about if you should bleach your hair or not in a previous blog post. We have also blogged about how to create healthy bleached hair. Now for the final in the series of three bleach hair blogs. In this blog post we talk about how to care for bleached hair;

Wash Less

When you care for bleached hair, it is unlikely that you will need to wash your hair every day. Over-washing your hair will strip your hair of the natural oils it needs. This will result in your hair becoming dry and not getting the moisture it needs from the essential natural oils.

Condition More

Bleached hair is known to lose moisture more quickly. This is because it is more porous. Bleaching your hair raises the hair cuticles and this will result in bleached hair strands being more prone to knot and tangle. Conditioning your hair after you shampoo it will smooth the cuticles and lock in the moisture. Using moisturising, protein rich treatments will really help you care for bleached hair.

Style Carefully

Bleached hair is more vulnerable to damage so it needs to be treated with extra care when styling. We would recommend that you use less heated styling tools, and when they are needed use heat protection spray. Try not to tug at your hair when you are brushing it, instead comb through it when wet. You will need to avoid the habit of ponytails too, unless you can opt for soft hair elastics or scrunchies to avoid extra damage.

Chop It

To care for bleached hair means that you will need to visit the hair salon more often for haircuts, touch ups and trims. Bleached hair needs more maintenance. You’ll need a root touch up every 6-10 weeks, dependent on your haircut and style. If you’ve got split ends then regular trims will help keep your bleached hair in a better condition, now and in the future.

If you want more top tips for caring for your bleached hair then just ask your hairstylist in Peterborough. They will be happy to offer hair care tips, advice and guidance during your hair appointment.