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Dec 9, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care, Hair Extensions / Leave a comment

How To Wash Your Hair Extensions

We have had lots of clients interested in hair extensions in Yaxley recently. As you can see from our Facebook page, they look fantastic. We completely understand why they are so popular with people looking for longer or thicker hair. However, how you wash normal hair is different to how to wash your hair extensions.

We have put this blog post together to show you how to wash your hair extensions so you can see if hair extensions in Peterborough are the right choice for you and your routine.

The way in which you wash your hair extensions is different to how you wash your hair normally. To start, you should not shampoo for 2 days. When you wash your hair you should tilt your head to the side, not tilt it forward. Squeeze the shampoo through to the ends and gently massage the scalp when washing your hair. Avoid vigorously scrubbing your hair as this can result in tangling. When drying your hair wrap it with a towel to absorb the water, never use a scrubbing action.

When using conditioner on your hair you need to condition your hair from the mid length to the ends, not the roots. The extension attachments should not have conditioner used on them as this can make extensions lose. Comb your fingers through your hair to allow the conditioner to saturate in your hair. Finally use cool water to rinse your hair and close the cuticles.

While it is often tempting to go to bed with wet hair, we would highly recommend against doing so. By going to bed with wet hair you can cause tangling. Take the time to fully dry your hair. You may also choose to braid your hair loosely to one side. This helps to avoid matting or tangling and makes the morning hair routine a lot easier.

Why not book yourself in for a hair extension consultation in Peterborough. We can talk about what you want from your hair extensions, the best hair extensions for you and some top tips for helping them look great.