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I Don’t Want Static Hair

I Don’t Want Static Hair

We speak to a lot of clients that have hair that always goes static. They really don’t want static hair. So they will ask our team what they can do.

Very often hair that is fine and fairly straight will become static hair very easily. We would recommend that you don’t wash your hair everyday unless it is very greasy. If you can wash your hair every other day you will notice a reduction of static in your hair.

You may also not be using the best shampoo for your hair. The wrong hair products for your hair type or condition will often lead to static hair. During your next hair appointment have a chat with your hairstylists. Tell them the shampoo you are using, and that you are experiencing static hair. They will know your hair well enough to be able to recommend the best hair shampoo for you. This will reduce the risk of static hair.

We would recommend that you opt for a very light cream product instead of a serum as this can make your hair greasy. Take a marble size amount of cream and work it into the lengths and ends of your hair. Then, with what is left on your hands, place it on the roots. There should only be a tiny amount of the cream left on your hands. Any more than this placed on your roots will make your roots appear greasy.

The best thing you can do for static hair is to leave it to dry naturally whenever possible. However, we know this is not always ideal. If you cannot leave your hair to dry naturally try not to over-dry your hair. Also avoid the use any form of heat such as straighteners as these will make your hair fly everywhere.

If you are someone that touches your hair regularly then find a way of clipping it back, or keeping it out of your face. The more you touch your hair, the more the static will build up in your hair.

You may find that leaving a tiny (we said tiny) amount of conditioner in your hair, but not in the roots, can weight your down. This can stop your hair sticking to your face and reduce static hair. However, make sure it is a leave in conditioner and should be left on your hair.