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Make The Most Of Your Wedding Hair Trial In Peterborough

Make The Most Of Your Wedding Hair Trial In Peterborough

We have a team of highly skilled and talented wedding hairdressers in Peterborough. You can come into our salon for your wedding hair. Alternatively we can come to you to do your wedding hair at home, at a hotel or at your wedding venue. It is your special day, so tell us what works best for you.

Before your big day you will need to have a wedding hair trial in salon. In this article we give you some top tips for getting the most out of your wedding hair trial.

Be Prepared

Like every Girl Guide knows, you should always be prepared. If you’ll be washing your hair on the morning of your wedding, then wash your hair on the morning of your wedding hair trial. If you know styles work and hold better on second day hair, then wash your hair the day before your trial. Try not to use any products or tools, this way our wedding hairdressers can see your hair exactly how it will be when they see it on your big day.

Wear White

Whatever colour your wedding dress, wear that colour to your bridal hair trial in Peterborough. This will help you better see how the hair will look on the day. Consider the style of the top of your dress too, and wear a top like that. Again, it will help you and your wedding hairstylist picture how fabulous you will look on your big day.

Photo Time

Take lots of photos of the front, side and back of your hair so you can remember how it looks and feels. Our wedding hairdressers will do the same so they can recreate the wedding hairstyle you like on your special day. You’ll have lots of photos taken of you from all angles on your big day, so take photos to make sure you like it from all angles.

Open Your Mind

You may have an idea of what you want and that is great. Bring in photos and styles that you like. However you also need to be open minded. Your talented wedding hairdresser will know the sorts of styles that could really work for you. At your wedding hair trial in Peterborough let them try them out. If they don’t like them the world won’t end. It will just make sure you and your wedding hairdresser know what you do and don’t like.

Sit Back and Relax

Your wedding hair trial should be fun. Don’t stress about it. Instead sit back, relax and enjoy the pampering. Why not take the chance to talk about your wedding endlessly to someone else, instead of your bridesmaids? Your wedding hairdresser will love hearing what you have planned and something you say could give them inspiration for a wedding hairstyle too!

If you are getting married, firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, why not contact us now to book your wedding hair trial in Peterborough. Booking it 2-4 months before your wedding gives you a chance to plan out how you would like your hair and if you need it longer, shorter, darker, lighter, etc.