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My Hair Feels Dry In The Summer, Why?

My Hair Feels Dry In The Summer, Why?

Do you find that your hair feels dry in the summer? Hair will dry out in extreme temperatures, which you may often enjoy on holidays abroad. An increased amount of exposure to UV can also dry your hair out. While this is over a few months in the UK or higher levels of UV for a week in a hot country on holiday.

From the root to the tip, your hair is dead. We can only increase the health of the hair on our head through what we put on it. While a good diet can help your hair as it grows. It will help your hair get into better condition from the start. However once your hair has left the follicle, it is on its own!

There is only one way to repair and hydrate your hair to protect it from feeling dry. That is by using specific products that are specifically designed for your hair type and condition. It can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect products for your hair. We would recommend you speak to your hairdresser as they will know your hair type and the best hair care products for you.

The biggest issue that we find with supermarket or non-professional hair products is that the molecules in them are too big. This means they can’t go deep into your hair and repair it from the inside out. Instead they are just sitting on the surface of your hair. While this may make your hair look shinier from the outside. It is actually just covering the dry and damaged hair underneath.

If you have coloured hair you may find that the plastic coatings of the supermarket hair products will react with your colour. This can result in changing the colour or fading it. On washing your hair you will also see the ugly truth. This is that the products were just covering the damage and it’s still there underneath.

However there is a way to get great summer hair and to avoid that dry feeling. We have put together some 3 top tips below for you;

  1. Invest in a professional moisture shampoo and conditioner that offer UV protection. Professional hair care products are very concentrated. While you may find they cost more, you will use less of them. Which means you will save money in the long run.
  2. Treat yourself to a hydrating mask, we have some available in the salon. We would recommend using a hair mask once a week, or if you’re in extreme temperatures then every time you wash your hair.
  3. Wear a hat whenever you can. This will keep your hair covered and protected.

If your hair feels dry this summer then follow the tips above. We know that you’ll quickly notice the difference.