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Natter With Dani W – An Awesome Hairdresser in Yaxley

Dani W has been a member of the Shaders for over a year now. She has been so popular, that we’ve only just got round to sitting down and having a real natter with her. If you have been in our hair salon in Yaxley, you will have met the ever-bubbly Dani W.

Now is your time to find out more about her!

What Is Your Proudest Moment Dani W?

My proudest moment was winning two awards. The first I won was the Apprentice of the Year at the Peterborough Small Business Awards in 2017. Then the Future Star Award from the Fantastic Hairdressing Awards in 2018. Both awards were completely unexpected, and I was over the moon.

I’ve also been really proud of my new qualifications during my time at Locks and Shades. I have completed a maths qualification and my Level 2 Hairdressing qualification. I love learning new skills so I can continue bettering myself and create some awesome looks for my clients.

What Was Your Dream Job As A Child?

When I was younger I really wanted to work in a hospital and make people feel better. However, I love hairdressing because it still means I can make people feel and look amazing, without all the blood and gore.

Another great thing about being a hairdresser is that there is always something new to learn. Whether it is how to use a new product, a new hairstyle or a new colouring technique for example. I love the fact I am always learning and improving.

What Is Your Favourite Go-To Hair Product?

I absolutely adore the Wella Oil Reflections oil and it is definitely my ‘go to’ hair product. You can use it on wet or dry hair. It keeps the hair nourished, leaving it with a natural and gorgeous shine. I really love it and am always recommending it.

My top hair care tip to clients is to always use Wella Oil Reflections oil on your hair day and night. This will help avoid any hair breakage and keep your hair nourished, beautiful and shiny.

Which Celebrities Hair Would You Love To Get Your Talented Hairdresser Hands On?

There are a few celebs hair that I would love to get my hands on. At the top of the list is the Kardashians. They are my favourite celebrities. I think they’d have loads of juicy gossip to share too!

Why Do You Think People Should Go To Locks and Shades?

I think that people should come to Locks and Shades  because it is such as nice environment. The whole team of hairdressers are friendly and welcoming. We all love what we do, and that is giving our clients fabulous looking hair that they love.


If you’d like to book your next hair appointment with Dani W then call us now, book your hair appointment online or drop us an email.