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Pros And Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

Pros And Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

Here at Locks and Shades we have an experienced team of hair extensions hairdressers in Peterborough. One thing that many of our clients don’t realise when they are considering hair extensions is that there are lots of options. In this blog post we look at the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions. If you would like to know more about the different hair extension options in Yaxley book a hair consultation with our team.

Clip in hair extensions clip into your natural hair. They range in widths so they can be used in front of the ear or round the back of the head for example. Hair extensions are sewn onto the clips and these are clipped into the hair.

The Pros of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions give the wearer lots of versatility. They can be put in or taken out, day by day. You can even pop them in for a night out after a day at the office to really jazz up your style. There is no colour or length commitment for you. If you would like to try out longer hair you can hair extensions. However if you are keen to have darker shades in your hair, but don’t feel brave enough to go permanent – use clip in hair extensions.

Unlike other hair extension options, they are easy to take out and put in. You will not need to go into the hair salon to help with this. However our hair stylists can use your clip in hair extensions when doing your special occasion hair.

Another benefit of these hair extensions is that they are relatively affordable and will cause minimal no damage to your hair, dependent on clip quality and weight of extension.

The Cons of Clip In Hair Extensions

One downside of these types of hair extensions is that they are usually made from poor quality synthetic hair. That said better quality hair extensions are available as clip in, but they are much more costly. After a night out when you just want to collapse on your bed, if you have clip in hair extensions these will need to be removes before your head hits the pillow.

Clip in hair extensions aren’t ideal for think hair as they are somewhat bulky. This can also mean they are not ideal for up dos, unless done by a professional hair extension hairdresser. These types of hair extensions can also fall out or shift throughout the day. You need to care for them properly too, or they will last just a few months.

If you would like help choosing the best extensions for you, speak to our team!