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Feb 15, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Scrunchies Are Back – Hair Trends In Peterborough

For those that loved Sex and the City as much as we did. You’ll remember that Carrie Bradshaw was not a fan of the scrunchies once screaming in horror at her then boyfriend that “No woman would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!”

While she did not realise this was to be the start of the breakdown in that relationship. We didn’t know that fast-forwarding a few decades, we would find ourselves getting excited about the different colours, fabrics and styles of scrunchies once more.

The man to be blamed for this 90’s comeback of the scrunchies is Bumble and Bumble hairstylist Laurent Philippon recently on the Mansur Gavriel runway. But in fairness can he be blamed? Will it stop the growth of popularity for the Jo Jo Bow? Can that really be such a bad thing?

And scrunchies are better for your hair too. The metal on a traditional hair-elastic can easily snag hair and those with fine or bleach-treated hair also need to be wary of heavy hair accessories as these can damage hair too. A scrunchie has no nasty metal to snag hair and they’re not heavy either.

In fact, we think that soft scrunchies are pretty awesome. We are as excited about them as we were when we were 12yr old girls swapping them in the playground with our friends.

The biggest benefit of a scrunchie is that they are soft on your hair. They completely avoid the hassle of trying to untangle them from our hair after a workout at the gym or a night out. However the downside is that if your hair is too thick or slippery the scunchie won’t hold so well.

So, now the scrunchie is back in fashion – what other hair trends may return from the 90’s? How about the mini butterfly clips?