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May 29, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Extensions / Leave a comment

Should I Have Hair Extensions in Yaxley?

Should I Have Hair Extensions in Peterborough?

Hair extensions have become really popular at Locks and Shades. We feel this is because the advancements in hair quality and application methods over the years has meant that hair extensions  are now suitable for everybody!

Previously, hair extensions were for people that wanted longer hair. However we have given clients hair extensions for many different reasons. Hair extensions give our clients extra volume to their hair. It also gives them a thicker look and feel to their hairstyle. Some clients just don’t want to wait for their hair to grow an extra few inches. This means they opt for hair extensions for this reason alone.

Some people find that their hair is very thick around the back. However, they then have very thin hair round the front and sides. With the help of hair extensions we are able to create the perfect bob or a full new hairstyle for our clients.

Ever wanted to change the colour of your hair but think your hair is too weak for colour? Maybe your hair doesn’t take well to hair colour? Then why not add that colour change with hair extensions? You can create a gorgeous balyage blended hair look with hair extensions. These will give you the colour, look and style you wanted without the chemicals of the hair colour.

Many of our clients are put off by the fear of the price of hair extensions. However you may be surprised at the cost of some hair extensions applications. If you care for your hair extensions well then they can really last too.

Don’t worry about time either. All hair extensions applications and clients take different amount of times. However speak to our hair stylists if you are short on time and they can recommend the best hair extensions for you.

Should you have hair extensions in Yaxley? If you’re not happy with the length, volume or thickness of your hair, then hair extensions are definitely something you should consider.