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Should You Pull Out Grey Hairs?

Should You Pull Out Grey Hairs?

We have all heard the saying that pulling out one grey hair from your head means another load will grow in its place. While it may seem that if you pluck one pesky grey hair, another ton show up – is that actually the case?

Hair experts and science says that pulling out your grey hair will not cause more growing in its place. In fact, quite the opposite is the case surprisingly.

Pulling out your single grey hair can cause damage to the hair follicle. This can then stunt or hinder any hair growth. Meaning that pulling out that grey hair can mean you have less grey hairs. However, we wouldn’t recommend it if you have more than a few grey hairs!

It is also good to remember that only one hair strand grows from one follicle. It is not possible for multiple strands of hair (no matter their colour) to grow from one single hair follicle where the grey hair strand was pulled out from.

Now to get scientific: Grey and white hair occurs when the pigment in the hair follicle dies. In many cases this is a genetic occurrence.

The best way to work with your grey hair is hair colour. Or you can embrace your grey hair. Why not have a little fun and try out some new hair colours. Instead of covering your grey hairs, you could have highlights that are in similar tones to your grey. This creates a really natural and fabulous look for your hair. Of course you could also try balayage to offer coverage or camouflage for those greys too.

We would recommend that instead of worrying about your grey hairs, you book a hair appointment in Peterborough with us. Our professional hairstylists in Peterborough can chat about your hair, what you want to do about those pesky greys and how we can help you achieve your hair goals.

But whatever you decide, remember a grey hair is not the end of the world!