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Six Sumptuous & Scrummy Summer Shades

Six Sumptuous & Scrummy Summer Shades

Summer is well and truly on its way. A few of us have been donning slightly red noses on Mondays, from weekends in the sun. Lawn mowers can be heard in the mornings. We can see the sun is lighting up the surrounding areas as we look out the window from the hairdressers in Yaxley.

One thing that summer brings for some of our clients is a change of hair colour. A chance to freshen up an existing hair colour or try something new for the longer, sunnier days. A hair colour change to a nice summer shade.

In this blog post we have put together six sumptuous and crummy summer shades that you may want to consider as summer approaches.

  1. Bright Blonde – Expert colourists are expecting to see bright blondes with baby highlights. This is as people choose to lighten their hair colour in Peterborough by a few shades. All this style makes us want to do is start summer right now!


  1. Mushroom Brown – Following the trend of going a few shades lighter for the summer, we expect that Mushroom Brown will be popular in the summer shades this year. It is a softer brown tone that is ideal for those that went dark brown over the autumn and winter months.


  1. Vibrant Red – Summer is all about bright, vibrant colours. This is why we are not surprised to see so many clients asking to go vibrant with their hair colour. Bold yellows and fiery, vibrant reds are definitely popping up in preparation for summer.


  1. Reddish Brown – This trend has come partly from the fact that Scarlett Johansson is styling it. It is also because this hair colour looks incredible. It brings warmth to brown hair with the subtle red and blonde highlights throughout.


  1. Ombre – If you’re looking for a fresh and flirty look that is easier to maintain, then ombre hair could be ideal for you. If you are going for a bold and dramatic look then consider platinum. However for a ‘safer’ look, go for brunette to blonde gradient.


  1. Caramel – If you’re looking to take your brown locks to a summer shade without a complete overhaul then why not consider caramel? Adding subtle caramel highlights throughout your hair creates a gorgeous summer look.

Which summer shades do you like the sound of the most? Which are jumping out at you? Why not book a hair colour appointment with us now. WE can create the perfect summer shade for you?