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Mar 15, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Tanning / Leave a comment

Skin Benefits of Sun Beds in Peterborough

Here at Locks and Shades tanning salon in Yaxley, we are proud to be a safe provider of sun bed tanning. While there are some risks to the over-use of sun beds, there are also many benefits. We would like to share these with you so you can consider visiting our sun beds for your next tanning session.

The Benefits Of Sun Beds In Peterborough

  • You gain a boost in confidence and a spring in your step as you feel proud to show off your gorgeous sun kissed skin
  • Regular, yet moderate use of sun beds will raise the levels of Vitamin D in your body
  • If you have suffered with acne, sun beds can help reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Sessions in a sun bed before going on a sunny holiday can actually help protect your skin from burning
  • Controlled exposure to UV lights, in the form of sun beds has been proven to effectively treat psoriasis
  • Sun beds are great for mindfulness as you can stand or lay in the sun bed with nothing to think about, You can completely clear your mind for a set amount of minutes
  • Sun beds can be a source of UV therapy for dermatological diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, vitiligo, alopeca and itchy skin
  • When you use sun beds in Peterborough you choose the level of UV and the time your skin is in the ‘sun’ which is often not possible outside

Reducing The Risks Of Sun Beds 

While it is important to note that over-exposure to any form of sun comes with risks. This means either natural sun or tanning salons. There are ways you can reduce these risks with sun beds. For example, it is recommended that your tanning sessions should have a break of 24 hours between each.

It is recommended that you do not sunbathe on the same day you visit a tanning salon in Peterborough. You should also wear goggles to protect your eyes. Removing make-up is also recommended in case it increases the sensitivity to UV.

Blu-Twist Bulb Sun Beds 

Here at Locks and Shades we love sun-kissed, beautiful skin as we feel it makes you look happier, healthier and even more gorgeous. We have upgraded our sun bed bulbs to blu-twist bulbs as they offer our clients the highest calibre of tanning performance and results. The unique lamps provide our clients with a perfect, long lasting, dark and glowing tan.

There are many benefits of blu-twist bulbs and lamps, when compared to standard sun bed bulbs. These include excellent tanning, longer lasting tan, healthy looking skin, production of Vitamin D, purifying of your skin, gaining an optimised level of UVA, perfect skin and perfect tan.

Why not come in and see us for your next tanning session to see how great blu-twits bulbs are and how fabulous your tan can be?