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Mar 15, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Spring Hair Care Tips

Spring Hair Care Tips

We are all looking forward to spring with great anticipation. We look forward to the sunnier skies, warmed weather and less rain! Looking out the window it seems that spring is definitely on its way! We have seen more people out for walks at the Rowing Lake and Ferry Meadows, as more people enjoy the milder and drier weather.

We naturally care for ourselves better as the spring months arrive. This includes better and healthier meals, and walks by the river. But what about your hair? In this blog post we have put together some spring hair care tips to ensure that you’re doing the best for your hair in the spring months.


Just as the plants and flowers are popping up in the gardens, your hair will be growing too. The increased amount of sunlight will often trigger your hair to grow more quickly. This means that for spring hair care, you may need to colour your hair more often. You will also need more regular hair cuts too.

Air Drying

The warmer weather is here. You’re popping your washing out on the line to dry. So why not dry your hair in the same way? Drying your hair with heat can cause damaged to your hair strands. With spring months upon us you can follow our top spring hair care tip, and allow your hair to air dry, just as you do your laundry.

Spring Clean

We all love a spring clean to sort out after the winter months have taken a toll on our homes. Why not book your hair in for a trim too? The cold and dry air of winter will have taken its toll on your hair, and a trim can rid you of these damaged ends. A haircut will make your hair look and feel better, healthier, thicker and skinnier.

Rainy Day Hair

Sadly spring doesn’t mark the end of wet weather as a whole, and April showers can still result in very wet days. Make sure you have a go-to hairstyle for rainy days so you don’t arrive at the office looking like a drowned rat! Hairstyles like a top knot or a sleek and smooth braid will help get you through a rainy day.


Do you have any top spring hair care tips to share with us?