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Jun 6, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Stop Being A Salon Dodger!

Stop Being A Salon Dodger!

Between the team of professional hair stylists here at Locks and Shades, we have worked on many, many different client’s hair. We can honestly say that the fewer times you visit the hair salon, the more damage you are doing to your hair.

As a salon dodger you will find that when you do get round to visiting the hair salon your appointment will take far longer. You may also find that more hair needs to be cut due to the damage over time.

We know that this blog post won’t change the mindset of a salon dodger that comes for a hair cut twice a year. However, we have not had any salon dodgers revert back to being a salon dodger after just a few regular trips to the hairdressers.

Your hairdresser knows your hair. They know how long colour will last, the condition of your hair and when you’ll next need a cut. Follow their advice. Your hairdresser isn’t telling you to come back for the sake of it. They won’t earn more money if you come back sooner either. Your friendly, professional hairstylist is telling you when to book your next hair appointment for the sake of you and your hair.

If you aren’t one for chatting to the hairstylist, that is fine too. In fact by visiting the salon more often you will have to talk to the hairstylist less. If that is what you choose. They will know the style, colour and cut that you want for your hair. They’ll remember your last appointment. This means they can get on with your hair, with minimal input from you.

However, if you do love a chat they’ll remember all your exciting plans from the last appointment. It will be like catching up with a friend!

We know that everyone’s lives are busy. It can be easy to forget to book a hair appointment, or miss your next hair appointment. This is why you can book your hair appointment online, at whatever time you remember, even if the salon is shut. We will also send you a reminder email the day before your hair appointment to remind you.

As a rough guideline you should get cropped hair cut around the ears every 4 weeks. This is definitely the case if you want to avoid the fuzzy neck hair. If you have a bob length hair style that a hair cut every 5 weeks will keep it looking sharp. However if you have mid-long length hair a 6 weekly hair cut will keep your style in shape.

Remember, these are a rough guideline. Your hairdresser will recommend the best date for your next appointment.

Don’t be a salon dodger. Come in and see us soon!