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Taking Care Of Hair Extensions

Taking Care Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions in Peterborough have come a long way since the unrealistic clips-ins or visible glue from the past. Now many manes of glorious hair are made up of hair extensions and you wouldn’t even know it. However, taking care of hair extensions is different to caring for normal hair.

Whether you are considering hair extensions in the future, are a newbie with hair extensions or been a fan for years, this is a must read blog post for you. We share things you need to do when taking care of hair extensions.

Washing Your Hair Extensions

Washing your hair extension can be tricky, especially if you aren’t used to the process. Hair extensions will require a more gentle approach than you have used before when washing your hair. So, here are our tips to consider when washing your hair extensions;

  • Brush through your hair first to remove any tangles.
  • When washing your hair, make sure that the water flows the same way as your hair. This is because washing your hair upside down, over the side of the bath with a shower will cause tangles.
  • Remember that you have more hair and therefore more shampoo will be needed. Lather the shampoo with splashes of water onto your hair. Stroke the shampoo into your hair, do not scrub it in.
  • If conditioning your hair apply it to the mid-lengths and ends only. Leave the conditioner to soak in for a few minutes.
  • Rinse your hair as normal. But remember once again that you have more hair so more rinsing will be required.
  • Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel as this puts pressure on the extensions and roots. Instead squeeze and pat your hair extensions dry.

Brushing Your Hair Extensions

When you are brushing and styling your hair regularly each day the extensions can quickly looked long lived. If you can get into good habits, some of which we have listed below, then your hair extensions will stay looking fabulous for longer.

  • Brush your hair every morning from mid length to the ends. This will help avoid roots and bonds tangling.
  • When brushing wet hair, be patient. We recommend smooth strokes, starting from the tips and working your way up. Starting at the root will tighten tangles and knots in your hair.
  • Make sure you brush your hair before bed. This will get rid of any lingering and stubborn tangles that can get worse during the night.
  • Always have a brush in your car or handbag. You never know when wind or rain will affect your hair.

These are just some of our top tips for taking care of your hair. Book in for a hair extension consultation in Peterborough for our hair extensions guide and to select the right hair extensions for you.