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Tame Your Festival Mane

Tame Your Festival Mane

Festivals are brilliant fun, especially in the sunshine. However, it is not that easy to stay fresh, clean and groomed at festivals. When packing for a festival you tend to pack the basics including wet wipes, multiple changes of clothing, make up and glitter. But what about hair care?

How can you tame your festival mane?

Before you go away to your festival make sure you make the most of your last shower. This will be the last good shower you will have for a few days. We would recommend you wash your hair the morning you go away. This will give you a little more mileage for your festival hair. We would recommend you apply a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment too. This will not only make your hair look gorgeous and glossy, but it will help to protect your hair from damage during the festival too.

Try to avoid styling products as a way to tame your festival mane. It may be tempting to grab the mousses, gels, serums and more but this can result in your hair looking greasy. This is especially the case as you don’t have the chance to properly wash out these products over the festival weekend. Glitter roots and hair chalks look great too. However, if possible hold out until the last day so you can properly wash them out.

We would recommend packing some dry shampoo. It will help soak up any excess oil and dirt from your hair and give your hair the much needed boost. Use it at night before you go to sleep to achieve maximum results. There are some really nice scented dry shampoos on the market now. These can really freshen up your festival hair.

All that dancing, sweating, raining, spilt drinks and jumping around can result in some matted and tangled hair. Make sure you pack a wide-toothed comb to help tame your festival mane. Try and use your comb before bed and wake up in the morning. We recommend you comb your hair as gently as possible though. This will help to avoid damaged hair and split ends.

At this risk of sounding like your mum, we really recommend that you stay hydrated. This will give you the energy to carry on dancing late until the night, but it will also help keep your hair healthy and hydrated too!