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Tanning Bed Tips For First Time Sun Bed Users

Tanning Bed Tips For First Time Sun Bed Users in Peterborough

Sun beds and tanning salons are a really good way of giving you skin a gorgeous glow, or touching up an existing tan from a recent holiday. Many sun bed users feel more confident and have a spring in their step after a sun bed session.

However, for a first time sun bed user, going into a tanning shop can be a scary prospect. Especially if you don’t know what to expect. We have put together some tanning bed tips to dispel those little worries. However, the second you set foot into our tanning salon in Yaxley, you’ll feel at ease straight away anyway

What to Wear

Remember that what you wear on a sun bed affects the results of your tan. For example, if you wear a swimming costume for example, you will have tan lines of the swimming costume. Many of our sun bed users opt for just knickers to avoid tan lines. Remember – it is however you feel comfortable.

Protect Your Eyes

In our tanning beds you will see we have stock of complimentary eye protectors, and small goggles. These will protect your eyes from the UV rays. This is similar to wearing sunglasses when you are out in the sun. They will protect your eyes in the same way. This is one of our top tanning bed tips.

Know Your Skin

If you’re not sure what sort or skin you have, or your skin type, then ask to speak to our tanning specialists. They will recommend the ideal amount of time you need on the sun beds. Along with how often you should return to the sun beds to keep up the fresh glow.

Remove the Make-Up

If you are wearing make-up or deodorant this will often have sun protectants in it. In our sun bed rooms you will see there are make-up wipes so you can remove any make-up and deodorant to ensure a gorgeous all over tan. You’ll find deodorant in there that you can pop on after your session too.

Use Lotions

When you know your skin type you may choose to use a lotion to help enhance your tan, help you tan faster or darken the colour of your tan. We have a wide selection of tanning lotions available in the salon. They all smell gorgeous. If you’re not sure of the right tanning lotion for you, then just ask.

Protect Your Lips

It is recommended that you apply some lip balm before you go into the sun bed. This will help reduce the chances of dry and chapped lips occurring from a sun bed session, keeping your lips luscious.

Move Around

Here at Locks and Shades we have stand up and lay down tanning beds. We would recommend you try both to see which works better for you, and which one you personally prefer. When you are in your sun bed make sure you move around into different positions. This ensures an even tan all over.


Do you have any other tanning bed tips that you think first time sun bed users in Peterborough should know?