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The Best Shag Haircuts For 2020

The Best Shag Haircuts For 2020

We have all seen the ‘New Year, New Start’ adverts, but have you considered your hair? Could 2020 be the year to change up your hair and try something new?

The choppy layered hairstyle of the 70s is back and it looks incredible. It has been totally modernised and is an awesome haircut for adding texture, volume and style to all hair types. In this blog post we have put together what we think are the best shag haircuts for 2020.

The Long, Curly Shag Haircut

There is no reason you can’t layer your curly hair. We see so many clients that think they shouldn’t, but the long, curly shag haircut shows how fabulously this style works. Layering curly hair with a few choppy layers perks up your curls and stops them from falling flat.

The Long Shag Haircut

Think you can’t try a shag haircut as you have long hair? Wrong! You can still rock the shag hair trend with long hair. There is no need to sacrifice the length of your hair to try the shag haircut. Speak to our friendly hairdressers in Peterborough so they can show you some examples.

The Long Bangs Shag Haircut

When you picture the shag haircut you immediately think super short bangs. We know that some people just can’t bear the thought of short bangs, and that’s okay. We can add in the texture elsewhere and you get to keep your front bangs long.

The Shaggy Lob Haircut

A lob haircut is super cute. But, you know what is cuter? A lob with a shag haircut. It’s a really awesome hairstyle and one of our favourite shag haircuts for 2020. It is low maintenance and frames the face beautifully. We think this will be a popular look for 2020.

The Short Shag Haircut

The biggest ‘win’ of a shag haircut is that is volume boosts your hair and adds texture to short hair with ease. It is such a great look and style for shorter hair, especially our clients with hair that lacks volume or texture.

The Blunt Shag Haircut

With a shag haircut it is only normal that your hair will look shaggy, but it doesn’t need to look shaggy all over. Why not consider a blunt cut so your ends are neat and trim as part of this shaggy style.

The Chin-Length Shag Haircut

A shaggy bob haircut at chin length will look fabulous. Some clients fear they may look like a giant fluff ball, but it is the complete opposite end result. It is a really cute look with fantastic volume and texture – no fluffy looking hair at all.

These are just some of the ways that the best shag haircuts for 2020 could work for you. Why not book a hair consultation with our fantastic hairdressers in Yaxley to talk about the shag haircut trend for your hair?