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The Difference Between a Wet And Dry Cut

The Difference Between a Wet And Dry Cut

Our hairdressers will often offer a wet or dry cut as part of another service that includes a blow dry. But do you know the difference between them both? In this blog we look at the differences between a wet and dry cut so you know what works best for you and what to expect at your appointment.

A Wet Cut

By wet cutting we are creating the structure and shape of your hairstyle. A wet cut helps create straight lines and sharp ends. Your hairstylist will comb your hair flat which gives them better control when getting your hair straight. If your hair is dry or has kinks and bends in that it can create a totally different hairstyle or an uneven look when styled at home.

A Dry Cut

Dry cutting is when your hairstylist will look for any graduation in your hairstyle, or areas that there are imperfections as these will affect the styling of your hair. For a dry cut your hairstylist will check through the balance and weight of your hair. If you have thicker hair a dry cut can be better as is easier to reduce the thickness and remove any bulk. This will help create a hairstyle that will be easier to create and it will last longer too. A dry cut is often used to give your style a softer look or a more textured appearance to a hairstyle.

The difference between a wet and dry cut is really dependant on the hairstyle you would like. If you’re not sure which is best for you, just ask your hairstylist and they can help you decide.