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The Problems, Tips & Things To Avoid Of Thick Hair

We recently wrote a blog post that spoke about problems that our clients with thin hair have. It also included some tips to help them out. In this blog post we would like to focus on our clients with thick hair. So we are talking about the problems that our clients with thick hair face. Along with thick hair care tips and tricks. We have also shared some common practices that people with thick hair should avoid, and what they can do instead.

If you have thick hair then this a must-read blog post for you;


Thick Hair Problems

When you have thick hair it often feels like you are always buying shampoo and conditioner. You’ll find that hair pins and clips, plastic combs and regular brushes are always too week for your hair. You know that a box of hair colour from the local supermarket will never be enough. It will feel like it takes days for your hair to dry naturally. Meanwhile it feels like it takes at least half a day to blow-dry your thick hair. Everyone in your house moans at you, that you leave a trail of hair wherever you go.


Tips and Tricks for Thick Hair

Speak to your hairdresser about long layers in your hairstyle as these will add movement to your hair. You may also want to consider trying longer hairstyles out. These styles will help reduce the amount of volume around your face. We recommend that you spend that little bit more money on extra-hold hair clips and hair elastics as it is likely these will save you money in the long run. If you are thinking about colouring your hair, then ombre could be a really good option for you. The lights ends of the ombre colouring will reduce the look of thickness in your hair.


Things You Should Avoid If You Have Thick Hair

While it may be tempting, you should avoid washing your hair every day. Instead try and wash your hair every other day and allow your natural hair oils to do their stuff.

Quit running your fingers through your hair. Not only does this make it more prone to being greasy, but it will also make your hair stick up.

Avoid using a bristle brush as these will damage your hair each time you use them. When you pop in for your hair appointment or tanning session speak to a hairdresser and they will recommend the best hairbrush for your hair type.

Be careful when blow drying your hair as this can poof it up. Again, we would recommend you speak to your hairdresser and they can give you some top tricks of the trade for managing your thick hair.