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The Problems, Tips & Things To Avoid Of Thin Hair – Thin Hair Care

Every client that steps foot in our hair salon in Yaxley has a different hair colour, length, condition and type. This also results in every client having different things that they stress about and dislike about their own hair.

Our professional hairdressers in Yaxley take their time to speak to our clients. We do this to understand what our clients need from their hair, their hair care routine and how much time they want to spend on their hair, for example. We also use this hair consultation time to share tips and tricks for the client’s hair so it is easier to manage.

In this blog post we share some of the problems of having thin hair that our clients come across, thin hair care tips and tricks to help people with thin hair and things that people with thin hair should avoid doing as it could be damaging their hair.

Thin Hair Problems

When you have thin hair you will often find yourself having to re-do your ponytail constantly throughout the day as bits are falling out. You know you need to use conditioner, but heavier types can make your hair greasy. Scalp sunburn is a genuine fear for you when you’re on holiday or on the few very hot days in the UK. All of your hair products will have the words ‘volume’ or ‘body’ emblazoned on them. Your new hairs never seem to grow as fast as the rest of the hair on your head. Finally, after you have spent hours curling your hair, it is flat again within what feels like an hour.

If you have any of these hair problems then please ask us in the salon during your hair appointment. Your hairdresser will be able to offer some great recommendations to help your hair look fuller with more volume.


Thin Hair Tips and Tricks

Using a salt spray on your hair before blow drying it can really help keep the volume in your hair, and keeps it looking fuller for longer. When blow drying your hair, turn your head upside down – this will add extra volume to your hair naturally. Dry shampoo is an excellent purchase if your hair does look greasy or flat quickly, so grab one for your handbag. Shorter haircuts and hairstyles will often help your hair look thicker.

Once more, don’t be afraid to talk to your hairdresser. They will be happy to share advice and make recommendations based on your hair and your needs.


Things to Avoid If You Have Thin Hair

Try really hard not to use too much product on your hair as it can weigh it down. Instead, use a light-weight hair product designed for hair like yours.

Don’t go for standard straight haircuts. Instead, speak to your hairdresser about getting layers cut into your hair as this adds volume to our hairstyle.

Don’t use conditioner frequently on all of your hair. Instead, just use the conditioner on the ends of your hair.